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Azabex Techonolgies offers a unique offering to our customers in that our products can be financed through Technofin and Sapor Finance House. This solution will not impact on any existing and future facilities of credit and while we are serious about your business, we are as serious about our own so terms and conditions do apply.

Rental finance makes your acquisition of cutting edge technology as easy as its disposal when the time comes to modernise your office technology platform.

The benefits of renting include:

  • Optimise your cash flow – Purchase the equipment you need today, but spread the payment across the asset’s useful life.

  • Superior funding business case – Most effective funding option available on assets that require regular replacement.

  • Keep your financials liquid – Through an operating expense payment mechanism.

  • Fix your equipment costs-  Pay only for what you use and enjoy regular, predictable payments with no hidden surprises.

  • Stay ahead of the technology curve – Upgrade more frequently and exchange equipment throughout the contract.

  • Reduce your equipment costs – Avoid the additional costs and risks associated with ownership and end-of-life disposal of non-core assets.

Renting makes sense when the assets or equipment being considered:

  • Depreciates (lose rather than gain value over time or with use).

  • Quickly becomes obsolete (and need regular replacement).

  • Is required for a certain period or project, with a remaining life and value thereafter.

  • Is specialised, or you have the inability or limited logistics to dispose of them.

  • Is viewed as a non-core asset that becomes expensive to maintain or increase total cost of ownership if not replaced.

  • Forms part of operations where the assets are linked to income generation.

Stay ahead of the competition

  • You benefit from using assets and equipment, not owning them. Having the latest technology and equipment is an important part of staying competitive, but it can be an expensive struggle to keep up all the time. Storing all the old equipment can be a pain as well.

  • Renting enables you to enjoy full, uninterrupted use of the equipment and then to simply replace or upgrade it when the agreement comes to an end.

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